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Basilur English Tea Rose & Dimbula Tea | Fruits & Flowers 2 in 1 Collection | Black Tea | Loose Leaf Tea | Ceylon Tea


Rose tea is preferred for its aroma as its name may suggest and with the addition of rose petals means a lighter and more subtle taste, with a hint of sweetness and a stronger aroma. This combination creates a mesmerizing tea blend which offers an aroma that feels like you just received a dozen of roses from a loved one.From the misty mountains of Ceylon’s western slopes comes this exquisite leaf. Traditionally known as Ceylon’s answer to a perfect English tea, Basilur Dimbula tea is a golden colour with a delicate flavour and unique bouquet to make this one of the world’s finest.

75g+50g loose/leaf tea packed into a foil pouches with zipper lock and then into a beautifully crafted metal tins designed by Basilur.